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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.

Aims and Objectives of the Town Design Statement

The aim of the Town Design Statement is to ensure that the layout and design of new development in Dunmow meets the highest standards of design, complements the existing character and results in a safe attractive and rewarding environment for all the community.

The objectives are:
  • To identify and summarise the best aspects of the existing character
  • To set out design guidelines that support a high standard of design in new development that complements the character of the town and it’s neighbourhoods
  • To see these guidelines adopted as formal planning guidance by the local planning authority
  • To ensure that new development respects valued features and where possible strengthens the landscape structure of the town
  • To ensure that new development enhances people’s accessibility by walking and cycling to the town’s services and amenities
  • To ensure that new developments are safe and constrain the speed and use of vehicles and to support this in the existing built environment
  • To identify areas and aspects of the town’s environment that should be enhanced
The audiences for the Town Design Statement are seen as:
  • The community, in better understanding the very special character of the town and how it might be protected and enhanced
  • The planning authority in considering whether and subject to what conditions any new development should be given planning permission
  • Developers looking to build in or around the town so that they can design developments in the most appropriate way and thus expect speedier planning decisions
  • Other bodies, agencies and businesses, public, voluntary and private that are considering development in the town or are proposing to undertake interventions of whatever kind that will affect the character and appearance.

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