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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.



The Planning Policy Context for the Great Dunmow Town Design Statement

This section contains extracts from the important higher level policy statements at the National Level and the Regional level but it must be stressed they are not comprehensive and are offered for information only. Other policy guidance, such as that on Historic Areas is also relevant but has not been included here in the interest of restricting the length of the TDS.

Local planning policy – the Uttlesford Local Developmnet Framework is still at the formulation stage and is not therefore covered here. However, the Sustainability Appraisal that is contained in another Appendix is based on the same set of objectives that are being used to appraise the Core Strategy and hence a high degrees of consistency will be achieved.


DTDS summary of progress and consultations


Sustainability Appraisal: Great Dunmow Town Design Statement

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