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Advantages of an Extension

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Apart from adding extra functional space to your home, an extension can be designed or reconfigured to make the best use of natural light and views, improve privacy and improve access to the garden. If large enough, an extension can even have internal walls and doors added to provide several rooms. They are ideal for use as play rooms, offices, storage spaces or just somewhere to chill with family and friends.

Most people think of a single storey building when an extension is mentioned, although maximum value can be achieved by adding a storey. Sometimes another storey can be built on top of an existing building such as a garage. You also have a choice of style, creating a wholly unique structural addition, or keeping as close to the original look as possible. Both can work very well, and have been successfully used for domestic and commercial properties. Although adhering to the existing style and design is a major objective in many locations in places within the UK, like Essex.

A seamless extension comes with issues like material matching for roofs, bricks and mortar, which have to be tackled properly so as not to end up with an eyesore. Other considerations include things like height of ceiling, taller ceilings make a large space look even more impressive. This can be achieved either by building up or digging down to a lower floor level.

Glazing may be used to full effect, and can be very helpful when a period home extension is proving difficult at the design stage. A substantial amount of glazing looks great in most situations, especially when completing extensions. In some cases it is not possible to make the extension compliment the original building, and in this instance glazing can often solve the dilemma, by creating a glazed walkway between an existing building and the extension. This method using structural glazing can look elegant, retain the character of a period property, and is favoured by those working within conservation.

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