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Energy Efficient Homes

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Energy savingIf you have an older home you may struggle to get it up to speed with regards to energy efficiency. There have been government grants around to help with this for things like new boilers and insulation. Certain criteria has to be met with these grants though such as being on a very low wage or receiving particular benefits. New homes are more eco friendly, as in order to receive the go ahead, planners must incorporate a percentage of green features. New builds also tend to have smaller windows which limits the amount of heat loss in that area. They will typically have the latest A rated appliances and fittings for energy efficiency too.


If you are in the market for a moving to a new build home, there are some things to consider along with location etc. Some housebuilders view the issue of carbon reduction differently so it’s worth checking their websites for info on this. You will get a sense of their commitment to green issues and read details about any extra eco friendly features. Their approach to insulation is an important factor, and something to look into. A good level of insulation which exceeds the amount required is always a good sign.


When it comes to water usage, restricted-flow shower heads and taps are a great idea along with energy efficient washing machines etc. Dual flush WC’s are extremely effective in restricting the unnecessary use of water.

Electricity & Lighting

Low energy LED bulbs are the way to go these days, they last much longer than others and will lower your bills. Of course plenty of natural light means less reliance on artificial lighting. Some new homes even have the facility to charge electric vehicles, which are likely to become steadily more popular.

Smart Home Technology

This type of technology is sometimes fitted to new builds, and takes the stress out of reducing energy consumption. Features like automatic temperature adjustment will regulate your home when you aren’t around.

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