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Keeping the Environment Beautiful

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Making your home look it’s very best is important for several reasons, not only is there a feeling of achievement and pride each time you look at it, others will be impressed too! This means that if and when you come to sell it, you probably won’t be hanging around too long waiting for a buyer. A major aspect of the exterior of any property is the guttering system including fascias and soffits. If these are well designed and clean, they portray a carefully looked after and properly functioning home.

Guttering systems need to be of very high quality if they are to go the distance, and names like Eurocell are a wise choice. Eurocell are a leading UK manufacturer of plastic building products, with a reputation for uncompromising dedication to recycling. They were shortlisted in the National Recycling Awards in the Manufacturer of the Year category. These awards are intended to celebrate innovation and best practice with regards to UK waste and resource management.

Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing for Eurocell, said: “We are delighted to make the shortlist in what is probably one of the most competitive and demanding categories in the awards. We felt our entry really highlighted the achievements we have made to date in making recycling central to everything we do. It also captured our determination to continue making progress across the board with significant investment in place to do that”. The winners will be announced at the London Hilton on Park Lane in June.

Single use plastics are mainly responsible for the problem of marine pollution, unlike products such as UPVC windows, doors and guttering systems, which can be recycled up to ten times without loss of quality. Eurocell use the most advanced recycling facilities of their kind allowing the recycling of over half a million frames per year, with no waste. Their philosophy is that if we all pull together we can win the fight against pollution.

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