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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.

The Future Growth Of The Town

The future expansion of Great Dunmow would appear to be inevitable. The Government’s housing targets have been substantially increased in recent years. The original version of the Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England identified Great Dunmow as a location for 2800 more dwellings by 2016. This specific target was deleted from the later version of the plan but nevertheless the housing target for the Uttlesford District remains at least 9672 new homes in Uttlesford during the period 2001 to 2024. The most recent version of the Local Development Framework Core Strategy is thus seeking between 9672 new homes in Uttlesford during the period 2001 to 2024. Allowing for sites already in the pipeline, the preferred growth option needs to make provision for 4200 dwellings.

Option 1 would see 2130 dwellings at Great Dunmow on proposed employment land at Chelmsford Road; land at Ongar Road and land to the west between the B1256 and the Flitch way.

Options 2 and 3 would involve 1000 dwellings Between Chelmsford Road and Ongar Road and in West Dunmow, between B1256 & Flitch Way
Summary recent developments and scale of growth

Option 4, which is the Council’s preferred option (September 2007) would see 3000 dwellings in a new settlement near Elsenham and 750 in major towns including Gt Dunmow.

The range of possibilities facing the town is thus very wide. Option 1 would see a further population increase of around 4600 people bringing the town perhaps over 14,000 people by 2024. A massive and  unimaginable change since 2001.



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