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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.

Planning Policy Context for the TDS

It is vital that the Town Design Statement is consistent with established planning policy if it is to be acceptable as Supplementary Planning Guidance and is, in the end, to be fully effective. An attempt has been made to identify the most relevant policies and guidance. A review of the main parts of the Town Design Statement suggests that it is highly consistent with the national and regional policy and can be justified both as evidence of the character and quality of the local environment and as an example of the contribution of the local community to defining that character.

Extracts from the main policy context – the national Planning Policy Statements and the Regional Spatial Strategy (known as the East of England Plan) are set out in the Appendix 1.

Sustainability Appraisal

Documents that are to form part of the LDF should undergo a Sustainability Appraisal. The purpose of this is to demonstrate that it meets the Governments aim of spatial planning contributing to progress in sustainable development. The Town Design Statement Group have sought expert advice from an independent environmental assessor and believe that the Town Design Statement does meet this test. The results of the appraisal are set out in the Appendix 3 .

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