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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.

Producing the TDS

The Great Dunmow Town Design Statement sprang from discussions in the Town Strategy Group in 2006. Following these the Group strongly supported the idea of a community-produced design guide. This concept drew on guidance prepared by the Countryside Commission and on the numerous Villages and the few Town Design Statements that had been produced elsewhere.

The Town Council via the Strategy Group gave generous moral and financial support to the initial discussions and meetings that led to the formation of a properly constituted Town Design Statement Group. This early work was invaluable to the project taking off and the contribution of the individuals involved is sincerely acknowledged. The District Council gave its in principle support for the Group and for its objectives and has subsequently given valuable practical support.

The outline of the project was prepared by Nick Wates Consultancy as a result of funding generously given by the Countryside Commission. From this basis the Town Design Strategy Group prepared its programme which was initiated in April 2006 with an Open day in the Foakes Hall in Dunmow. This event was aimed at explaining the role and purpose of a Town Design Statement and at giving local people an opportunity to raise issues they felt were important. The exhibition included a large display of art from the local children. The event attracted around 500 people and generated more volunteers. Following this, a series of events have been held – a photographic day, a Design for Real Day and two appearances at the Carnival which have meant that around 1000 people have been involved. A fuller report on the consultation is set out in a separate appendix.

The Town Design Statement that is now being published is thus the result of a very extensive consultation exercise and, most important, the work of a number of enthusiastic and committed people, It has been put together drawing on:

  • The views and priorities put forwards by local people
  • Good practice in Town Design Statements
  • The requirements of planning law
  • Surveys of the town carried out by members of the Group and the photographic survey
  • Other information collected by groups in the town
  • The model built so expertly and creatively by the Dunmow Youth Group
  • The sustainability appraisal carried out by Cornell Environmental
The TDSG genuinely believe that the resulting document reflects a broad consensus of opinion, is soundly based on fact but it is now time to ask the community again to consider and comment on what it is saying.

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