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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.

Public Consultation

The whole process of producing the Town Design Statement was built on the principle of involving the community. Over the period of Its production the small group responsible for the writing and production has kept in touch with the District Council and the Town Council. Above all, at each stage the public at large has been invited to express their views in lots of different and new ways as to what’s wrong with Dunmow but also and most important, how should things be managed in the future.

Over 1000 people have attended the events. All the comments that people have made have been captured and lots of photos have been taken. The big new idea was the Model of the Town which was created by the Dunmow Youth Group. This accurate scale model was, we think, a first and has proved enormously popular and useful. It is now available to help in whatever way in the future and is to be kept by the Town Council for the community’s benefit.

The final version of the Town Design Statement has attempted to reflect all of the comments that were received. The consultation has been documented and the summary is attached as an Appendix 2. This will enable people to see easily how the Town Design Statement closely reflects the comments that were made.


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