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Great Dunmow Town Design Statement - Design guidance for enhancing and protecting the character of Dunmow.

Future use of the Town Design Statement

As planning guidance

One of the key aims in producing the Town Design Statement was to see it adopted as planning guidance – known as a Supplementary Planning Document. The role of SPD is to amplify strategic policies. While they are not statutory, like the Core Strategy, and are not Development Plan Documents they are meant to guide decision making and be given a lot of weight. To qualify they must be subject to public consultation, have a sustainability appraisal and be consistent with local and national policy. The strengths of the Town Design Statement that enable it to be adopted are:

  • Sound evidence based on local knowledge
  • Extensive public involvement
  • Focus on design and management issues not statutory strategic planning policies
  • A positive Sustainability Appraisal
  • Consistency with planning policy
  • The Town Design Statement will thus be submitted to the District Council as planning authority with a request that it be considered as SPD.
As a Guide to all who seek to change or manage Great Dunmow

It is very much hoped that the Town Design Statement will prove useful to a wide range of organisations and individuals as they seek to; either carry out development, undertake management of the environment in it’s widest sense or seek to influence development. The audience thus includes:

  • The Town Council which has a key role in many aspects of the running of the town and of influencing the District Council
  • Developers who wish to promote development of whatever type or scale in the town
  • The County Council in its vital role in highways, education and regeneration for instance
  • Individuals and groups who may want to influence change or simply want to understand more of how the town may change in the future.
The Long Term

It remains to be seen whether the hopes for the Town Design Statement are met and that it proves useful in the ways that have been spelled out above. If so then it is hoped that it will be a ‘living document’ reviewed as time goes on so that it remains relevant to whatever challenge this fine historic town faces in the future.

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